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Five Decades of Contemporary Tables

Contemporary tables that are still being produced represent quite a bit of history. In fact, examples of models spanning over five decades are presented here just for fun. This should give you an idea of what you are up for when you decide to create any type of historical design theme from the modern era.

1920s-Eileen Grey Inspired Cocktail Table: This particular item was first fashioned in 1926. Since this time it has been utilized as a bedside table, but it could also be positioned in any open living area or bar room. It is slightly taller than other glass coffee tables and it works well in more confined quarters. Eileen Grey is remembered as one of the most influential modern designers.

1930s- Barcelona Coffee Table: This one dates back to Mies Van Der Rohe, who first came up with this very design in 1930. About a year after this style of glass coffee table was first produced, it was set in a house in Brno, Czechoslovakia. The Brno chair had complimented this piece. It is characterised by the 100 cm square wide piece of clear glass that sits on top of an four-legged base. The base is ordinarily constructed of some durable material such as chromed steel.

1940s- Noguchi Tribeca Coffee Table: In 1948, this creation was born, as first designed by Isamu Noguchi. This piece is constructed of a very meticulously sculpted two-legged base, one which a piece of black glass is sat. This is a rounded triangular piece which can be placed in nearly any contemporary living room setting.

1950s-ETR Elliptical Surfboard Coffee Table: This extraordinary current styled table is one of the numerous glass coffee tables that were fashionable in the early 1950s. Charles and Ray Eames were the major constructors of this table model. This table is recognised by its two tower wire frame bases and metal cross struts.


This is only a brief list of pointers offered to help you create the most delightful room design. If you need more creative ideas to work with, you can research magazines, TV design shows, home-décor retail presentations, and online home interior demonstrations.

With all the help you are provided today while picking out and exhibiting contemporary tables, the flow of ideas inside your mind will most probably run wild. If this is the case, you are likely to prepare the most impeccable modern furniture room display in no time.

Teak Wood Furniture – For Elegance and Longevity

Owning a home is a big accomplishment in one’s life. However there are several other things which you need for making your home comfortable and beautiful for living. Home furniture is one of the most important things which bring elegance to inside and outdoor of your home. It is commonly used by people of all classes to add comfort and décor to their homes.

Home furniture is available in wide range of sizes and shapes to suit all types of houses according to the latest trend and fashion. Furniture makers, with the help of professional designers, are making stylish, attractive and durable furniture using different types of wood and metals.

Teak wood is a hardwood with beautiful golden or yellow color. It possesses natural property of resistance to damages. Teak wood produces natural resins and oils which prevent penetration of moisture inside and serve as good repellents against pests and insects which damage the furniture. Teak wood furniture is therefore more popular due to its durability, attractive texture and color.

Teak wood furniture including teak table, teak chair, teak bench, teak chaise and sun loungers, and steamer chair can lend comfort and elegance to all your rooms, patio, garden and backyard.

Teak table and teak chairs for indoor or outdoor use look beautiful in any setting. Teak table can be used as kitchen table or dining table for family meals and for hosting social dinners. Teak dining table is the best choice for outdoor dining because of durability of teak wood and property to retain luster and beauty in all sorts of climates. Teak table in square, rectangular, oval and round shape with or without extension in different sizes is functionally appealing and creates a good impression on guests.

Teak chairs also last long and maintain their luster and attraction even after years of use. A best quality teak chair can be used both indoor and outdoor. You can get extensive range of teak chairs in different designs and shapes. Teak chair with arms or without arms, stackable or folding chair are some of the attractive designs which can provide extra seating in your living or dining room. In homes where family members dine together, stackable or folding teak chair can be stored easily.

The idea of having a bench in your home garden or backyard can bring cheers from every member of your family. A teak bench is ideal piece of furniture for porches, sun rooms and gardens.

Teak bench in different sizes and designs such as commercial bench or garden bench can be used in family rooms, foyer or backyard. Unlike metal or plastic bench, a teak bench gives a cozy feeling and looks rich and is not cold to the touch. A teak bench is always great for patio and backyard deck since it affords extra seating and is highly weather resistant.

Bedside Table – Different Types

Is convenience starting to be an issue in your bedroom? Having to get up when you are almost asleep is something that nobody looks forward to doing. A bedside table can make things a lot more convenient and provide you with a place to sit stuff when you do not feel like getting up out of bed in your sleepy state. This type of table also provides you with the convenience of being able to store things such as medicine, books, and other things you may need. There are different types of tables that you may want to consider placing beside your bed.

There is a traditional design which is usually made out of wooden material and can be left the natural wood look that it comes in or painted to stand out. This type of table usually has a single drawer for storage and a small space for sitting things on top.

The contemporary look is one that can be made from wood, glass, metal, or some other material a combination of these materials can also be used to provide a stylish look that you will love. This type of bedside table features shelves and drawers that offer more storage space and a modern look.

You may also decide that you want to go with a table that is made of glass. These types of tables are often made using mirror panes for the visual side of the drawers and shelving. It carries the same benefits as the previous two mentioned.

Deciding to purchase a bedside table is a decision that should be made by reflecting on your own personality and style. You may also want to provide your spouse in the decision since most likely you will buy these tables in pairs. You will notice that there are other types to choose from but no matter which one you pick you are sure to love the convenience it offers.

Table Lamps – Adding Beauty and Style

Table lamps are used not only to give enough light for reading but they also help in making the place look more stylish. Today we can find various types of lamps designed differently to attract every person. As per your architectural pattern of the room you can have various styles to add up to it. Modern, urban, oriental, country and western styled lamps are few categories which are always on demand. Just take a look at the various pattern and designs as they come in all kind of shapes and sizes to determine which one fits perfect with your home decor.

If you have an artsy looking decor then modern style lamps will perfectly fit into the design. They help in making the place look more modern and future looking. You can highlight the abstract painting on the wall by using these styles of lamps. If your room has a creativity flavor, this lamp will be a perfect match to suit its design and concept.

The lamps which project an Asian looking culture are oriental lamps. These lamps are generally made and come from Asian countries and give Asian looks to your rooms. Thus if there are Asian souvenirs, Asian decorations and Asian roots placed in the room oriental lamps will surely match the style and looks of the room.

The urban style of lamps originated from the suburbia towns of America and other countries. These lamps project Mother Nature and have designs like bears or other types of animals in them. They may even have shiny bases and look like a flower case on the side of the room. Some of these lamps carry graffiti on them which gives the room a scene of the suburbia. Having such a lamp lit in the room will surely give you a feel of being and waking in the suburbia.

The Country styled lamps has farm animals designed on them like, roosters or the cows. These lamps give a nature style color scene to your room with these farm animals’ designs. These lamps are also popular for making the room colorful and are thought to be something like having country music in the room.

Other style of lamp is the Western styled lamps. The most common design is a cowboy riding a horse but you can also find a horse emitting light lamp. These lamps gives your room woodsy type of environments and matches with Indian decorations or any other type of artifacts from the west of your room.

You can select from the above mentioned types of table lamps which match the looks of your room. Other than looking for them at the nearby store you can even search them online by browsing various online stores. There are many online stores which specialize in designing such lamps and you can find few latest designs. They offer a wide selection having different types of lamp which match your taste and complete ambience of the room.

There are many advantages of shopping online for these table lamps, first you need not to leave the comfort of your house and secondly just by a click of a button you can browse through the various stores and find the best deals.

American Leather Versus Italian Leather Sofas

Choosing a good quality sofa is like choosing a great quality bed for you to use. While there are conventional and contemporary furniture out in the market, the most popular choice is still leather sofas. This kind of sofa is more elegant at home and is also known to last longer than regularly upholstered sofas.

There is an ongoing debate when it comes to leather sofas. There are two leading forms of this kind of furniture. These are the Italian leather sofas and the American leather sofas. To the untrained eye, there is practically no difference. To most, a sofa is merely a sofa and nothing more. However, it should be noted that there is more than what meets the eye.

Both of these two forms of furniture are known for the quality and comfort that it provides. It is very comfortable to use and would most often provide you with the best value for your money. On the other hand, the battle continues with the furniture manufacturers.

Italian leather sofas are known for using high quality leather. Initially, an individual would be more inclined to have one of this simply because Italy is known for its excellent leather production and application to commodities. Some of the most popular brands that you will find for this type of furniture would be those produced by Natuzzi, Gamma, Anima Domus and Luminaire. These have all originated in Italy and offer elegant classical furniture and the latest and most modern designs in contemporary furniture.

American leather sofas on the other hand have stepped-up from simply producing to local markets. Some of the brands that you will find in the market would include Ashley, Chesterfield, Ficks Reed, City Joiner and GreenTree. Most of these furniture companies started small and was not necessarily focused in creating fine leather seats. In the turn of times, they have seen how well this was in demand and how magnificent these items are.

Regardless if it is American or Italian, you can be certain that you can find any of these available in or near your area. Most of the furniture manufacturers have setup online shops to be able to accommodate their customers more efficiently. If you are in the United States, you can be able to find Italian furniture and vice versa. The most important factor to consider before your actual purchase is to make sure that you gain advantages from you decision. The quality does not always come with the brand.

Seagrass Furniture – Unique and Beautiful

At the mention of the word seagrass, many people might visualise a plant similar to that of seaweed. The difference is that seaweed is an algae while seagrass is a flowering plant that grows underwater. Water hyacinth is a type of seagrass, and is a good source of natural material and can found in abundance in Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. In rattan furniture industry, sometimes the terms water hyacinth and seagrass are used interchangeably.

Seagrass can be weaved into furniture, and is gaining popularity especially in western countries like USA, where people are increasingly environmentally conscious and therefore, are beginning to look for furniture made from natural products. Of course, they have to be durable and affordable at the same time. Like other materials used in rattan furniture making, seagrass is extremely strong and durable, thus making it very suitable to be made into a wide range of furniture and products including dining sets, sofa sets, armchairs, loveseats and bed heads. They can also be made into decorative items like lampshades, rugs, room dividers or storage items like display shelves, bookcases and baskets. The natural light green colour of seagrass furniture looks beautiful and can easily match the existing decor of homeowners.

Not lagging behind current design trends in the furniture making industry, we are able to find seagrass not only being weaved and dyed into classical furniture, but modern and chic looking ones as well, which immediately adds a touch of casual elegance to any room in your home. Unlike some plastic or aluminium furniture, you can recreate and enjoy the romantic, relaxed appeal of a tropical beach front resort or hotel without leaving your home, simply by redecorating your patio with a beautiful seagrass daybed and coffee table. To enhance the look further, complement the furniture with seagrass rugs and lamp shades.

Not only comfortable and beautiful, furniture made from seagrass is also uniquely designed and usually completely handwoven. Moreover, due to its natural colour, you can be sure that each piece of furniture is unique and you will not see the same piece anywhere else. That is the beauty of owning a product made from nature.

Just like anything else, to maintain and prolong the life of you seagrass furniture, you need to give it some tender loving care and attention. One advantage is that they are stain resistant since natural fibers do not soak up liquid. However, if there are any liquid spills, clean them immediately because, if left unattended, liquid spills can result in mold formation and eventually damage the furniture. For regular cleaning, you may use a brush with soft bristles and gently brush off the dust and dirt about once every month or fortnight. Remove any stains with a damp cloth or sponge and let it air dry thoroughly. If there are any cushions made of cloth, wash the cushion covers regularly. Remember that if any cushions are wet, remove them and let them dry thoroughly before putting them back on the seagrass chairs, and you can ensure that you will be able to enjoy your seagrass furniture for a very long time.

Mango Wood Furniture Is The Way Of The Future

Mango furniture appears to be becoming one of the more popular varieties of wood that is available at the moment. Traditionally, hard woods such as oak dominated wooden furniture, but mango wood furniture has more benefits and advantages, which other hard wood materials don’t have. Therefore, it is not surprising that mango wood furniture and in particular the mango wood table is becoming an increasingly popular piece of furniture in our homes.

Wood from Mango trees is proving to be a far more reliable and sustainable product than most alternatives. The fact that the tree grows quickly means that it is far easier to sustain the demand, which has proven to be more difficult with other hard wood materials. As a result, many experts predict that mango trees and their popularity will continue to grow. The trees are mainly harvested for their fruit, but they are now also used to create furniture.

The colors of the trunk of the tree can vary from light to dark brown and some have a hint of pink. This means that the colors can give a wide range of variation in mango wood tables and other furniture products. The fact that it is a hardwood means that it can be more difficult to manufacture, but it is also one of the softest hardwoods found so it has a distinct advantage over other hardwood trees, yet has much of the same sturdy characteristics that soft wood trees do not have.

Mango trees tend to grow to heights of 70 to 80 feet and can be up to 5 feet in diameter, which makes them ideal to be harvested for furniture. Despite the fact that they can be prone to fungus and disease, mango trees are still a great resource and it is easy to identify damaged trees that shouldn’t be used. The fact that they grow so quickly makes them even more advantageous.

Tables Made From Mango Wood

Mango wood tables come in a range of shapes and sizes. Bed side tables, coffee tables and dining tables are all readily available in most countries. The tables are sturdy and ideal for family homes. The wood is very durable so it is very easy to get guarantees on furniture and tables made from the material. It is predicted that due to its sustainability and the fact that it provides a cheaper alternative to hard wood, mango wood furniture will continue to increase in demand.

Solid Wooden Tables and Table Lamps

The most common office and home furniture is the table and we have various types of tables that depend largely on the material used to make them. The common type, however, is the wooden tables that are in almost every home. Wood has this nature elegance touch, which it adds to a home whenever it is used in home furniture and therefore it has gained popularity worldwide.

Tips on how to make your home look magnificent with solid wooden tables.

· Ensure proper arrangement such that it allows free movements and accesses to the whole room by the occupants without looking congested.

· Have proper lighting of the room, no dark corners and there is a visual balance of the entire space.

· Have your wooden tables matching up with other furniture in the room, as well as the entire theme of the room.

· Remove any unnecessary furniture in the room, this creates room and space for new ones.

· Accentuate the table appearance by placing flower vessels or table lamps on them.

Different tables are designed for specific uses, for example, we have dining tables, reading tables, coffee tables, and general office tables. Each of this is tailored in a way that it offers comfort and accommodates the essentials of that exact use. The short coffee tables are commonly found in the office foyer and in the living rooms while the long legged tables make the dining tables and the office tables.

As discussed above, one way of adding elegance to your room is by having table lamps. The following are ideas to consider when buying table lamps to be placed on your home or office wooden tables.

· Have in mind the purpose of lighting if it is reading or just illumination down lighting is preferable over the rest. Bed side lamps, for example, should be in a way that when one is reading the light does get dispersed to the entire room.

· Go for those lamps that do not emit a lot of heat. Most wooden tables have a varnish finishing that can be damaged by a lot of heat and it is also flammable.

· For decoration purposes, the lamp stand color should harmonize with that of the table top surface color. For example, a white on a black surface.

To conclude, always ensure that the wooden furniture is well maintained with proper cleaning and avoiding placing very heavy objects on them. Stains should be removed using the right cleaning detergents that are mild and do not erode the top finishing.

The Beauty Of The Mahogany Bedside Table

Life is forever hectic and whether young, old, parents or otherwise; the daily demands of work and everything else in between can get rather difficult to handle which is why; no feeling is often greater than going home, slipping into our pyjamas and relaxing in our bedroom.

As the ultimate sanctuary; our bedroom is our own personal environment, a place where we can relax, sit back and be ourselves which, is why this is often the room we give most attention to in our homes. When decorating for the first time or even redecorating after a few years; it is not surprising for our initial thoughts to head directly to our bedrooms; after-all as the room we will unwind in and as a result we want every little corner of the room to be perfect.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that we give such prominence to our bedrooms; the current economic climate has meant that the flat pack, lower cost furniture is what grabs our attention more. However as the recession has now officially reached an end and the potential for economic growth becomes increasingly possible, is it not time that we opt for a little more glamour, excitement and class when considering our bedroom decor?

For home owners; one thing the economic situation has made clear is, that it will be quite some time before the housing market returns to former glory which is why many are now encouraged to decorate their homes with the future in mind. As much as it can be tempting to go for the lower priced, flat pack furniture; these items will rarely last and we will be resorted to repurchasing new products so is it not time we cut out the extra hassle and instead chose to invest in longer lasting, higher quality furniture that will look great for years to come?

Antique and reproduction furniture is increasingly popular not only for its lasting style and quality but its longevity and ability to withstand the turbulence of a hectic family life. Mahogany furniture is today deemed the classiest any home owner could invest in and is a style of furniture that has catered to the needs of Kings and Queens of years gone by.

As a result of the growing number of self-confessed, furniture specialists providing poor quality reproduction items; finding the ideal furniture can be daunting particularly during a period of time in which every penny counts. The right reproduction mahogany furniture can quite easily be sought from an experienced furniture specialist; those who possess years of experience and knowledge on all areas of reproduction furniture, from dining tables to mahogany filing cabinets and are associated with the highest quality reproduction furniture manufacturers.

By investing a little more time in your furniture hunt you stand in great stead to purchase classy and long lasting furniture that will cater for your family needs for years to come; you will never have to over spend again!

Top Ten Uses For a Coffee Table Or End Table

There are some things a home can’t be complete without, like a refrigerator, a bed, or a television. A home is not a home without things that can provide comfort and convenience, and can allow the household members to relax and to unwind. Included in this varied list, among other things, should be a dependable and versatile living room table. Many people do not realize how indispensable this piece of solid wood furniture is. It can certainly do more than serve coffee, or hold lampshades.

A table for coffee, traditionally, was necessary in the middle of the living room. Home entertaining was a serious affair in the old days, because of the ceremony of afternoon tea. When a guest makes a house call, he or she must sit in the cushions, and must be served tea or coffee, with some biscuits or crepes. These will be arranged in a tray, with a delicate china service, and then served and placed upon the coffee table. Then, the afternoon will be whiled away with conversation, stories, and news.

The practice of proper entertaining is almost a lost art. Today most people are too busy to make house calls, let alone entertain their visitors in a fastidious fashion. However, the coffee table has remained a staple object inside the household, and it is interesting to list down how many ways homeowners have devised for utilizing their own tables.

The same can be done with an end table, which usually goes into the corner between two cushions. A lamp or clock is usually placed on top of it. Most homes tend to do away with it nowadays in order to save space or money, but this piece of furniture will actually have extended value once it is seen as a versatile piece.

Here are some of the best examples of other uses for these unassuming pieces of solid wood furniture:

1. A coffee table makes a good foot rest – more often than not, working people want to put their feet up after a tiring day of sitting down or running around for their job related tasks. An end table is usually the same level as the sofa or seat, and thus becomes an instant ottoman. Raising the feet or legs in this manner is a great way to allow blood to circulate normally back through the feet and legs. And if this is done while watching TV or sipping a refreshing drink, it makes for a total relaxing moment at the end of a long day. Working people can also do this while reading, doing some sewing, or talking on the phone, in order to prevent cramps.

2. As a magazine or photo rack – most variations of the end table would usually come outfitted with drawers, or “a second floor” in the form of a shelf between the legs and under the table surface. This space is ideal for stacking magazines, newspapers, or photo albums. These things then become instantly accessible when any member of the family needs a quick reference to a recipe or a movie review, or simply wants to browse through pictures and relieve memories. Then they can also be just as easily kept away – simply drop them back under the table.

3. An instant display shelf – if space is a constraint in the house, a medium-height wood table can be pushed towards one side of the wall, and become an instant surface for knickknacks, flowers, or displays like photo frames or awards and trophies. Be inspired and change the display from time to time. Displaying photos or special mementoes are always guaranteed to bring life and personality to a home.

4. An impromptu workstation – Again, more often than not, space considerations have converted the erstwhile table for coffee into a table for just about anything. If one of the family members wants to work undisturbed, the living room table makes for a reasonably isolated workspace for homework, planning, or typing on a laptop computer. This is practical especially in apartments or studio flats. The living room can serve the double function of an office or den.

5. Play games in the living room – board games or cards are always excellent means to solicit some bonding time in the household. Bring out the game box, gather the family around the table, and have a good hour playing UNO or monopoly. Parents, no matter how busy they are, should try to allocate some time during the weekend to be with their children. Kids who spend time talking or playing with their parents are known to grow up more emotionally secure. Besides that, board games are also known to increase children’s mental capabilities, so they get not only precious bonding time with the family, but some serious brain exercise too.

6. The best place for snacks – especially if a teenager has friends coming over for a movie, or for a study group. The coffee or end table is a great place to serve snacks while they do their homework. Bring out a big bag of chips and open a jar of their favorite dip, and prepare some cold drinks too. Kids can gather around the table, cross-legged, in a relaxed fashion, and exchange serious gossip while attempting to study for their calculus examinations. The parent can then be free from worrying about young visitors running around the house, while giving them reasonable privacy at the same time.

7. No ladder? No problem – Yes, a sturdy table can be used for instant elevation when a light bulb needs to be replaced, curtains have to be changed, or dust webs require to be swept away from ceiling corners. But never attempt this, of course, on glass or wicker tables. Only solid wood furniture types fit perfectly for this particular use. This can be another consideration why a wooden table is a better investment than a glass one – aside from the other common fact that glass is fragile and very dangerous, especially in a household full of children. There are numerous instances wherein a homeowner would need that extra height, especially for emergencies.

8. A clear space for doing arts and crafts – If the table is not going to be used for displaying items, it can be left clear for sessions like doing artwork, finishing crafts like scrapbooks, puzzles, or assembling toys like wooden sets, cars, or robots. The small surface of a coffee table is large enough for both materials and some elbow room, but it is comparatively easier to clean and clear away than the floor or the dining table top. For precaution, place some protective sheet or paper to prevent permanent streaks on the wood. The height is also ideal for sitting down sans chair in a comfortable position for hours.

9. An anything goes surface – on most homes, a low table often ends up simply as a place to put things down when people come in from work, school, or anything else. Bags, backpacks, shopping bags, and even shoes, sometimes. These things can temporarily find their docking place on the living room area, until someone remembers to return or keep them away to their proper storage shelves. This valuable function of an low, flat table is usually overlooked, but is actually one of the most important uses.

10. For making guests feel welcome – because even if it might seem farfetched, entertaining important guests, especially elder people, could still happen at home – even to busy adults. It might be a little awkward to serve drinks or wine to an important person in the kitchen counter or the stairwell. Just in case, already having a serving table is a good way of ensuring and showing that a homeowner can still play the part of a good host or hostess very well.

These examples comprise just a small part of the endless and innumerable ways homeowners can benefit from their small solid wood furniture. The limit to uses and options is the imagination. Unexpected circumstances will always bring forth surprising ways to benefit from these things, too.

But in order for the tables to serve their multiple functions well, they have to be made of materials that last. Solid wood furniture must be made of sturdy, dependable wood, and must be constructed to withstand heavy weights or constant moving. Ideally, it should also undergo treating so it will be scratch- and stain-proof.

The size and the design of the table is completely up to its owner’s tastes and immediate needs. There are many available variants of living room tables that homeowners can select from. Or else, wood makers would always be more than happy to create a customized table for their customer’s specifications. Contacts and information are available in directories, newspapers, or the internet.